Are you Whole Life?

Picked this up from St. Michael Society this morning:

There is a new pro-life movement out there called “I am Whole Life” and it’s taking the world by storm.  What does it mean to be Whole Life?  Fresh from its site,, the campaign seeks to promote a respect for the intrinsic dignity of the human person regardless of ability, age, status, ethnicity or sex.  To be Whole Life means to acknowledge that “issues that appear to be separate such as human sex trafficking, political violence, famine, abortion, female genital mutilation, euthanasia, pornography, embryo destruction and many others are actually related threats to the dignity of the human person.  The Whole Life ethic recognizes that a threat anywhere to human dignity constitutes a threat to human dignity everywhere.

Of course, this has what it has always meant to be fully pro-life. But it is good to have movements like this every once in awhile that remind us of that. Even within the pro-life movement there are many who support embryo-destructive research, contraception, pornography, euthanasia, etc. or overlook other life issues that undermine a wholly pro-life position. If we are going to be most effective at combating any one of these issues, we must be consistent in our approach.

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