Anti-Catholicism: Our other National Pastime

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Archbishop Dolan articulately points out the obvious facts:

It is not hyperbole to call prejudice against the Catholic Church a national pastime. Scholars such as Arthur Schlesinger Sr. referred to it as “the deepest bias in the history of the American people,” while John Higham described it as “the most luxuriant, tenacious tradition of paranoiac agitation in American history.” “The anti-Semitism of the left,” is how Paul Viereck reads it, and Professor Philip Jenkins sub-titles his book on the topic “the last acceptable prejudice.” [Full Story]

It is a challenge for Catholics to respond appropriately to such attacks. On the one hand it is important to defend ourselves and stand up for the truth so the world knows what to believe. On the other hand by addressing them it can give more credence to the attacks and take the debate to a more divisive tone. But that’s just the reality of communicating in a fallen world – it’s messy. Above all, we must respond with Love and truth (even hard, uncomfortable truths), which I think Archibishop Dolan does well.

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Lisa Graas November 3, 2009 at 11:11 am

He is a great champion of the faith, particularly in promoting vocations. It’s his job to promote the priesthood, especially in his own diocese. Dowd is in his diocese and was attacking the priesthood which the Archbishop is particularly tasked with defending. It was his duty and he performed it in an admirable way. I rejoice in this greatly.

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