40 Days for Life!

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I want to mention a growing movement that is absolutely outstanding. It is called “40 Days for Life .”

I learned about it through a friend in the Fort Worth diocese where one of the many 40 Days for Life campaigns is taking place this Fall (Sept 24 – Nov 2, 2008). 40 Days for Life is a movement of community-based campaigns designed to bring attention to the issue of abortion through prayer and fasting, constant vigil, and community outreach.

Basically, it’s an organized, nationally coordinated, and directed effort of maintaining a prayerful presence outside of abortion facilities 24 hours a day for 40 days straight. And it is very well organized and designed to be simple and effective.

And not only does it super-charge the ongoing efforts of pro-life prayer groups that are already regularly involved in such activities, it offers a great opportunity to further evangelize and inspire others to join the movement.

The first 40 Days for Life campaign was conducted in Bryan/College Station, Texas in the fall of 2004. A local pro-life group prayed for an answer about how to reduce abortion in their area, and the answer God gave them was 40 Days for Life. The campaign was put together in a matter of weeks, yet it activated 1,000 people and led directly to a 28 percent decline in abortions in that community. – 40 Days for Life website

4 students at Texas A&M University started this movement 4 years ago in College Station, TX. This Fall it will be taking place in more than 170 campaigns around the United States. The movement is spreading and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Most Americans know that abortion is wrong. They know that it is the killing of an innocent human being. But most of us also often find ourselves getting caught up in our daily routine and never actually taking action to do anything about it.

40 Days for Life is the perfect invitation to break that routine. Try it out. And invite others to break their routines too. Find a campaign near you and get involved! Put your beliefs into action!

Another great thing about this campaign is that it is ecumenical. People of all faith denominations and belief systems are participating. Ending abortion is a common goal for many of us. This is an opportunity for us to unite on this very important issue and make the biggest impact possible.

Here is the little intro video (which can also be found on the website ):

Finally, this (below) is part of a documentary on 40 Days for Life called “Being Human” that is showing on EWTN to promote the movement:

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Lee October 16, 2008 at 8:22 am

We will be doing one in Rochester, NY. According to the diocese’s newspaper, there are vigils planned in 175 cities across the nation at last count. Who know, it could be more by now.

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