40 Days for Life Returns this Fall

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I’ve talked about this organization a lot before and participated as much as possible.  Well – they’re getting ready to kick off their 2009 Fall campaign.  I strongly encourage you to get involved!

This truly is an outstanding organization.  I think everyone should be involved in this effort.  If you already work with other pro-life organizations, just get your entire organization to join up with this effort together for 40 days this Fall.  There is very likely a campaign going on in your city.  And if there isn’t – start one of your own!  You can check out the latest on their website.

The success of this campaign is real and measurable. I believe this campaign is one of the key ways we will eventually bring an end to abortion in this country.  Abortion has been forced from the public square, so instead we must square the public around the abortion clinic.  40 Days for life is how we do it. 

It is working.  And the methods 40 Days for Life employs to accomplish this out on the street are a perfect mix of Charity and Truth.  It is truly Charity in Truth.  Now we just have to fully implement it and get all of us who believe that all human life should be protected – no matter what your theological beliefs – to stand up!  Stand up for what you believe in.

This is where the rubbr meets the road.  We can sit back and talk about how wrong abortion is.  And we can teach why and how it is wrong.  But this is where those words truly take action.  This is where they become meaningful.

Please join us for 40 Days this Fall.

Here’s a video recap/report from the campaign last Spring:

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