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Support a Catholic Speaker Month

First there was the Favorite Catholic Speakers Poll of 2009 where over 3000 of you voted (results here). From that sprang Support a Catholic Speaker Month. The goal was to create a rising Catholic tide on the internet that lifts all boats (websites, speakers, and all those who participate) by having a different Catholic blogger […]

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Support a Catholic Speaker Month is finally complete and it only took slightly longer than a month! :-) I must say, this turned out way cooler than I had ever thought it would.  Getting 100+ Catholic bloggers to write about and support 100+ Catholic speakers was quite the task – but everyone was up to […]


Just copy and paste the code below into your blog sidebar, social networking profile, website, or wherever you want in order to show your support of Catholic Speakers!  Help spread the word and support this great cause! Tips: Make sure you are in “code view” or HTML mode when pasting this into your site. And […]

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Support a Catholic Speaker month on Fallible Blogma is off to an awesome start. We have about half of the 101 Catholic speakers assigned to a Catholic blogger. But we still need more! I don’t want any of the speakers to get left out. Are you Catholic? Do you have a blog (or know someone […]


What Catholic speaker has influenced your life the most?  Each individual gets ten picks when they vote  (because it’s too hard to choose just one) on the ballot below!  Please help spread the word to your Catholic friends. I don’t have any big cash prizes for the winners but they do get: A post outlining […]


Fr. Spitzer is the kind of guy you’d put on Larry King Live when guys like Stephen Hawking venture outside their field of expertise (science) and start saying crazy things about the need for God. Seriously, that’s what happened. Fr. Spitzer is such a great spokesman for the intellectual weight of the Catholic Faith within […]

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Through a series of surely serendipitous events, I am supporting Dave Durand for Support a Catholic Speaker Month. I hadn’t heard of him prior to this effort, but he is one of the many gems I’ve discovered through this process of bringing together so many great Catholics. Dave Durand is a best-selling author, CEO of […]


Growing up, Notre Dame was my favorite university. I don’t know why really. I think mostly because I loved their football team and, later, the movie Rudy. It wasn’t because I was Catholic at all, which would have been perhaps legitimate. And being born and raised a Texican, allegiance to a school north of the […]